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Discussion in 'Postnatal Support' started by Shireena__x, Apr 9, 2009.

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    I'm BreastFeeding And Formula Feeding
    (That's Why I Posted It Here Not In The BreastFeeding Or Formula Feeding Forum)

    How Ever I Think My Princess Is Under Eating :(

    Shes A Week Old On Saturday, And She Hasnt Got Through Longer Then A Hour Breastfeeding Or More Then 3 x 90ml Bottles.

    My Midwife Keeps Advising Me Just To Feed Her Ever Time She Crys To See If This Will Help Her, But So Far It Hasnt She Just Vomits It ALL Back Out Or Sticks Her Toungue In The Way.

    I Know Babys Have Small Tummys But This Is Not Healthy, Im Sure :(

    I've Even Tried Dripping Drops In To Her Mouth, To Make Her Taste And Think mmmm But No Nuthing :(

    Any Advice?

    Im DESPERATE :(:hissy:
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    As far as I know, when babies are first born 10 minutes on the breast is enough for them. Alot of ladies panic that baby isn't getting enough as MWs usually fail to tell you this, but I was told this only a few weeks ago. And as baby is only a week old tomorrow, I would have said she is getting what she wants. x
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    The advice I was given with my little girl is that so long as she is having wet and dirty nappies regularly and is gaining weight then she is getting enough milk. She also vomited with every feed and I was advised that the amount they bring up can often look like a lot more than it is because the vomit is not only the milk but also mucous and saliva.

    You are the mummy though and your instincts are very important, so if you feel that she is not getting enough then it is worth getting things checked out. Perhaps you could speak to your midwife again and explain that you still have concerns...or alternatively see your GP/a feeding advisor/a different midwife/etc.


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