feeling broody again! anyone with jan/feb predictions?

Discussion in 'Waiting To Try' started by immimx, Nov 17, 2011.

  1. immimx

    immimx Guest

    Hello, so i stopped feeling broody for about two months, but its been creeping back in! I know im going to find myself addicted to this site again!
    I have been predicted bfps in jan and feb (even though i not even ttc yet) is anyone else in this predicament?
    im wondering whether to get another reading as i am curious now that it is closer to those months whether a 3rd one would say similar dates?!
    i know that they arent right very often and its just a bit of fun, but the curiosity is getting to me lol!
  2. everdreaming

    everdreaming Guest

    I have been too! And my OH just broke up with me! So I sincerely doubt my predictions will be coming true.. But you never know, I might be the next immaculate conception :haha:
  3. immimx

    immimx Guest

    you could find the man of your dreams under your christmas tree?! :D
  4. everdreaming

    everdreaming Guest

    :rofl: be pretty quick to meet him and get him into bed and get him to agree to get me pregnant... But who knows what the mistletoe (and a lot of mulled wine) can do :haha:

    Maybe get a third prediction? What type of contraception do you use, is there a chance it might fail for the predictions to come true?
  5. immimx

    immimx Guest

    he he he just get LOADS of mistletoe?!
    i have just finished my first pack of a new pill.... i wouldnt end it untill atleast mid jan?! i doubt id have any slip ups, but you never know. I just wish my OH will turn round out of the blue and say lets make a baby... but i know that will never happen!
    Thing is it wouldnt be ideal anytime soon anyway as im so so so poor at the mo!
  6. everdreaming

    everdreaming Guest

    Oooh that's rubbish :( So maybe hoping the prediction might not come true?

    I always say to take these things with a pinch of salt, but I know how you feel just hoping for it to be true - even if the timing is off :dohh:
  7. immimx

    immimx Guest

    yeah he he he!
    just wondering how it could be! but there where predicted a while ago...
  8. everdreaming

    everdreaming Guest

    Stock up on pregnancy tests for the end of Jan :winkwink: (POAS Addict here :blush:)
  9. immimx

    immimx Guest

    i was when not on the pill lol..... only have opk's left... will get some soon!
  10. mrsswaffer

    mrsswaffer Cooking number 3!

    Jul 23, 2009
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    Oh wow, yes. :haha:

    I have a prediction for conception in Jan 2012, and I really doubt it's going to happen! DH needs to find a full-time job before we TTC. I'm pretty sure it won't happen - not as a planned thing anyway! :wacko:
  11. everdreaming

    everdreaming Guest

    So much for our bump buddies plan Mrs S :(

    I guess we just gotta wait and see, but I'll be disappointed if none of us have accurate predictions... especially since they're all from the same psychic :dohh:

    Although saying that, the future isn't infallible and whatever is a possible future at one point in time can be changed by our life decisions.... (oh gosh I really do watch too much Charmed :rofl:)
  12. immimx

    immimx Guest

    i really hope things start to sort themselves out for all of us by jan anyway. seems like we al have big reasons to wait at the mo... everdreaming im really hoping you'll find that wonderful man soon who really respects you. :)
    im going to 'sign on' today for the first time... really need a JOB!!!!!!!! aaaahhhh anyone want to hire me? im very nice and i have purple hair :D
  13. everdreaming

    everdreaming Guest

    Thanks :hugs: I hope so too!!!

    I'll hire you to do my uni work for me? :haha: getting jobs is so hard :( I'm desperate for a new one but can't find one either!

    I've got purple hair too, but its so washed out :blush:
  14. minimoocow

    minimoocow Well-Known Member

    Oct 21, 2011
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    Hello ladies

    I'm reasonable new here so hope this isn't a daft question but where do you get the predictions from? (I've noticed a lot of ladies have them in the sigs!)

  15. immimx

    immimx Guest

    no it isnt a daft question!!! mine are gail who is psychic123, you can find her webpage by searching psychich123 i chose the 5 pound pregnancy prediction option. and suzzy was from ebay, again there are a few just look up pregnancy predictions on ebay :) x

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