Feeling unwell & a moan

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by Oushka, Aug 19, 2009.

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    Firstly, Ill apologise for the moan. I am still exstatic to be expecting and cant wait to meet buba but Im beginning to wonder if Im cut out for this...

    Last night I started to feel unwell, shaky, headache, backache, nauseous and generally pants.
    Had a obs-med appt today (thyroid clinic) and they said I was prolly just 'under the weather', they didnt seem concerned - this is at the sh!t hospital that we've had previous issues with & Im moving to another but had to attend appt there today.

    Anyway, my bp has been getting steadily higher over the last fortnight, was 110/50 (normal for me) to begin with, then 110/70 for a few days and monday it was 110/90 - today at obs-med it was 110/100. They said it was normal range.
    I know this cant be normal - could it be making me feel this unwell?

    I have a community mw appt tomorrow am so will talk to her then.

    Is it usual to feel done with the pregnancy at 29 weeks? Last week I was feeling really well, blooming even but now I just feel wiped out & bored. My bump is huge and in the way and I cant get comfy at all. Just the thought of food makes me sick.

    I get occassional griping pains over my bump and the constant backache is getting hard to deal with. Paracetamol doesnt help and Ive had an awful rash on the inside of my left wrist for a fortnight, today its at its worse so far - itchy and sore and again, obs-med team said it was nothing to worry about. I havnt touched anything which could irritate the skin and I really feel ignored & worried.

    Once again, apologies for the rant but OH doesnt understand and non of my close friends have been thru pregnancy yet so Im stuck for ears.
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    :hugs::hugs: I hope you get sorted soon hun, i know myself how hard it is to go to a hospital you dont want to. If you still feel unwell in a few hours ring your out of hours gp or nhs direct xx
  3. shaunanicole

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    I was feeling similar to this today. My stomach is extremely sore, I was cramping a little bit, my feet have swelled, and my back hurts so bad that I am having trouble standing/walking/sitting. I felt sickish and a bit nauseated but then it passed after a few hours and now I am feeling better. I hope the same goes for you and you go back to your blooming self.

    Also, I can't believe they aren't concerned with your BP. It sounds VERY high to me and any increase in your BP during pregnancy is a concern. I hope you find the right medical attention soon and the rash on your wrist goes away.


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