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Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by neadyda, Oct 1, 2013.

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    Sorry I keep posting.

    We was standing outside nursery today and we stood next to a mum and her little boy, I heard the boy say to his mum 'that's Jamie he annoys me' her mum kind of looked at me and said to her son 'is he your friend, do you play with him' which he replied 'no' also when I see Jamie try and talk to the other children they ignore him.

    I'm feeling so sad for him. Everyone tends to tell him to go away or stop doing stuff or don't touch this or don't touch that. Like for example we had OH half brother over who is 5 who was playing with Jamie's stuff and he kept telling my son to go away and stop playing with his own toys. OH could hear and said nothing!

    Am I being overly sensitive? It seems to happens all the time. I hate the thought of people being like that with him. All he wants to do is make friends, he is a really lovely boy but just a bit hyper because he gets excited. :cry:
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    Of course you want your child to be accepted and liked by everyone (I assume all parents do)- but tbh, I guess, that's just not life. And some kids- especially older ones, tend to want to be around kids their own age etc... my SD was THE most friendly and outgoing kid I've known. She used to run up to anyone she could at the playground asking to play- and really, more often than not, the kid would either say no- and walk off, or stare at her like she was nutso?! Not sure why- but it never phases her much- she's shrug it off and keep asking kids till she found one to play with.

    It's not easy- we can't fix the world for our kids (if only?)- all we can do is encourage and support our kids to be self assured and friendly and know they will be Ok in the end. Kids really just say what they feel- there is not filter... which, can be a good thing usually- but yea, certainly times you wish they would just keep that thought in their head!

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    Mention it to his key worker and she will probably reassure that throughout the day he plays with lots of different kids without any issues :hugs:

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