Felt nauseous after BD?

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Bee Bee, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Okay, to start, I already know that this is going to sound strange and this will all possibly be a bit TMI.

    Anyway, the DH and I did a BD last night and hours later I got really nauseous and just felt really strange. It was bad enough that it kept me from sleeping, even though I took a sleeping pill before going to bed. And it wasnt like any nausea I have felt before. My whole abdomen area hurt, which is what triggered the nausea. Then, today, I am having really bad, cramp-like pains in my uteran/ovary areas. The other thing is, I felt like this last Thursday as well, and we just so happened to BD the Tuesday before. (but it honestly didnt seem like he had much semen that time) As a disclaimer to this, my DH has never finished inside me before, not once in the past 10 years we have been together. Not until this past week anyway, since we are newly trying. We've always been super careful about not getting pregnant before we wanted to have kids. So, before now, I have never really been in contact with his sperm at all.

    Well, as another disclaimer, I have been fighting a nasty cold as well. The worst part of it has already come and gone, but I still have really bad congestion in my nose and throat. I bring this up because I'm sure that means that my immune system is working over time right now. And, I have read that one of the reasons that sperm die on the way to the egg is because our bodies' immune systems see sperm as a hostile invader, so it attacks it. I am seriously wondering if maybe my immune system went into overload last night because of the BD and that's why I felt so sick. It was just one of the strangest feelings I have ever had and I am just so confused as to what caused it. What was strange too is that when he finished, I felt a bit of a stomach ache right after but it went away after a few moments and then the same ache came back later when I felt sick.

    Anyway, this is literally the only other factor I can think of for why I felt so bad. I've been eating extremely healthy lately, so I know it wasn't food related. And even though I am expecting AF at any point, I don't think it was that either as I'm not showing signs today and it was completely different than any nausea I feel from AF. Also, all of my OPKs have been negative (took one again today) and I am not expecting to O until after I have AF again.

    Or am I just crazy to think that they might be related? :shrug: I guess the real test will be when we BD again in a few days...

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