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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive Over 35' started by babythinkpink, Jun 29, 2010.

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    Hi All,

    I tried for 9 months to conceive my baby, I had said at 35 no more babies, but my broody feelings took over and so at 37 i was trying again!

    I bought a fertility monitor from Boots, it is a thermometer, and a little box that records temps and stores so many cycles, can't remember off hand how many, but increases your chances by charting when you ov each month indicated by your temp.

    I know many people temp, and it is a good method, but when i read the instructions it said i had to temp first thing in the morning without having disturbed my temp, and this was impossible for me as i am disturbed all through the night and usually early mornings with my 2yr old, so my temp would have been changed by that and so no good me trying this method of conception.

    Anyway the reason i am posting is i have this unused monitor, (honestly never used, i read instructions and knew it wouldn't be for me!) brand new, still boxed in wrap full instructions, i am not sure i think it may even have the batteries! I don't need it as i couldn't use that method, plus we managed to conceive as you see from my ticker! :cloud9:
    If anyone is thinking of trying temping, or does so already and think this little gadget may be helpful them send me a pm and i will post it to you, it may of well be of use to someone rather than i keep it! (whoever pm's me first i will request an address and send it)

    Wishing everyone the best, and hoping you all conceive soon, it is certailnly harder after 35, at 35 i took 3 months to conceive, by 37 it was 9 months, but not impossible, i have plenty of friends popping out babies from 35+ so don't give up hope, it just may take a little longer!:hugs:

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