FET#6 for baby no. 4 and in nov

Discussion in 'Assisted Conception' started by star25, Oct 9, 2021.

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    May 2, 2011
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    Is anyone due to start a cycle soon?

    We're starting a FET in November, have 3 children who are 1,3 and 5

    3 embryos left so the temptation to try again is there!

    So far I've received the meds and had bloods done which I have sent to clinic, pretty sure 1 is missing though, heo surface antigen isn't on the results list so we will see what the clinic say
    On holiday for 2 weeks from Friday so hoping they're all OK otherwise doesn't leave a lot of time to get it sorted before going away

    Irregular cycles which have improved since dd3 so thinking af will start the first week or so of Nov

    Good luck to anyone starting soon!

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