Fetal hydronephrosis

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by hereitgoes, Oct 23, 2021.

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    Hi ladies, I am just wondering if anybody else is experiencing this?
    I'm 33 weeks and baby has fluid on the right kidney. Dr says it is mild but can be a soft marker for Downs. I had the Harmony test and my results for Downs came back as 1 in 10,000.

    Do you think this is a good result?
    I am so worried on all accounts
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    Hi ,

    My niece had this . Was discovered on a ultrasound after my sister went to hospital for reduced movements . A subsequent CVS test relived she had Down’s syndrome (my sister opted out of all testing prior to this) . She was delivered via emergency c section later that day.

    I’ve also read baby’s can have this and they don’t have Down’s syndrome and the issue corrects itself as the baby gets older .

    I am sorry my post is not more positive but I wish you and your baby all the best . Fingers crossed all is ok xxx
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    My son had a 1 in 33 chance of having downs syndrome.
    I spent my whole pregnancy worried sick. I had the Harmony test done twice but got inconclusive results so I had to go through my whole pregnancy not knowing if he had it or not.
    No soft or hard markers were found on any scans but was told that not all babies show it in scans.
    Just to let u know he was born completely healthy.
    Now regret waisting my whole pregnancy worrying.
    It cud be my last ever pregnancy because I'm just coming up to 42.
    We are hoping to try for one more in a year or so and if we are blessed I'm gonna refuse the screening tests. It caused so much worry and for nothing.

    1 in 10 thousand is a great result hon. That's extremely low low risk. I had high risk.
    I know its hard but try not to worry.
    Another lady in our due date group got a 1 in 3 chance had the Harmony test and got same results as you and her baby is healthy.

    I don't think u need to worry about downs with such low risk results. I'm pretty sure the Harmony test is really accurate too.
    Sorry I don't know much about the kidney thing though. But I had a friend who's baby had a kidney condition that was spotted on scan and her baby did not have DS.
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    Think I may be that one :hi: my last baby has problem with his kidney I was about as far as you when they found on scan, he had a scan last week and they think he may have kidney stones now but don't no 100% as yet until I get results, he is perfectly healthy other wise no downs or anything just his kidney, he is prone to utis tho he just getting over one now, I will say this tho your baby will have antibiotics from being born till prob 6-7 months quinn was on his till then if you want anymore information or anything gibe me a shout I'm here xx

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