Fingers and toes crossed this is my month.

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Breeelizabeth, Jan 9, 2021.

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    I had a CP in November and was pretty hopeful I’d fall pregnant in December until the witch showed up. I decided to relax a little bit - not necessarily stop TTC but to stop allowing it to consume every thought I had. I got a proper BBT thermometer and instead of letting the POAS addict in me take 3 x OPK’s every single day from the end of my period like I did last month I was actually able to hold off and even nearly missed my peak haha

    I knew something was up when I got out of bed yesterday and had a gush of CM. Thought better take an OPK and sure enough got a solid smiley but a not quite positive FRER. Took a FRER today after a huge temp drop and sure enough today is O day. I used to physically feel it every month and sure enough this is the first month since coming off BC that I’ve actually noticed it from some cramping and twinges. Plus this is the first cycle that I’ve experienced EWCM. The last few months have been fairly infertile CM.

    Has anyone ever experienced having their O day change each month? November I O’d CD 21, last month was CD 19 and this month was CD 17. Before BC I had a fairly clockwork 28 day cycle with O on CD16 so wondering if maybe it’s just my body finally getting back into the swing.

    now to keep myself busy during the TWW
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    Could definitely be your body readjusting after your chemical :hugs:. Best of luck for this cycle <3
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    It could be your body readjusting :hugs::hugs:

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