first AF (i think)

Discussion in 'Postnatal Support' started by Mrs-N, Sep 29, 2008.

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    ive had period pains for a week or so but yesterday and today they have been worse.

    this morning when i went to the toilet and wiped there was abit of blood on the tissue,this happened a couple of times.

    just been to the toilet and i have blood on my nickers (sorry maybe TMI) and when i wiped there was bloodon tissue.

    im not bleeding really heavily,wouldnt say it was enough to wear a pad but still some blood there.

    do you think this is my first AF?
    is the first AF after giving birth really bad or is it like a normal AF?
    how long will it last?

    i was on the pill before and only had mild periods and when i came off the pill i got pregnant a month after so only had 1 period after finishing pill.

    the pill is ment to ease ur periods,right?
    so i dont want this to be too bad as not used to it.


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