First cycle since loss, symptom spotting.

Discussion in 'TTC After A Loss' started by Gvw015, Sep 12, 2019.

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    hi everyone.

    I’m currently 13dpo, due for AF tomorrow by my calculations. This is my first official cycle after our loss. (Second cycle since loss but first was body regulating.)

    I’m going a little batty, and after flooding my friends and family with all things baby, and then all things post loss of said baby, I feel like a nuisance and don’t want to bother them with this.

    So here’s the deal;
    we actively TTC this cycle. Did OPK, I felt ovulation cramping day after +OPK. marked as ovulation day (13 days ago.)

    At 9dpo in the evening, I had very mild cramping.
    10dpo I had what I thought was a 24 hour virus - nausea, headcold, extreme exhaustion. etc. was fine the following day.
    11dpo I had pink tinged CM in the evening. Two wipes and it was gone.
    Nothing at 12dpo.
    Today - 13dpo - i did a 25miu IC TEST, I didn’t see anything though. (BFN) I thought I’d see how my cervix position is this evening, and It’s really high, almost out of reach, and had a really thick gummy CM with red streaking in it.

    Would I be kidding myself If I started to feel optimistic? I’m so scared I’ll get myself feeling excited to have AF show up and shatter me back into al the pieces I only just put together after the MMC.

    Could the pink discharge be residual blood from AF, or uterine lining from the miscarriage etc?

    Help a girl out please. I’m literally hanging by a thread with this all right now.

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