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Discussion in 'Assisted Conception' started by MrsSunshine33, Apr 29, 2019.

  1. MrsSunshine33

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    Hi everyone,

    DH and I have been TTC for nearly 6 years now....we tried so many things except IUI and IVF, we consulted with a fertility Dr in December and she said to proceed with IUI but I need to lose weight first, I put on a lot of weight the past year. DH also has low sperm count, atrophy, and low motility, so there's lots to work to do before August. I created a plan to lose weight and workout (I have lost 53 pounds in 6 months before naturally) I know I can do it again, not easy but hey I have to do this. We will be doing our first IUI this August, until then...i'll be documenting my weight loss, health, and fertility journey here and MFP as well week by week. Are any of you doing an IUI this summer/fall? Also, anyone trying to lose weight too?
    If you'd like to tag along that would be great!
    Sure need some support, this lonely journey is so tough, I was hoping to get some help here and be of help for others too. :dust:
    Baby dust to all of you :kiss:
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  2. liz0012

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    I just did iui yesterday! I don’t have weight to lose, but I can be there as an iui buddy!!
  3. RubyRainbows

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    Jul 25, 2009
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    How's it going? I just had an IUI done 1 week ago. Currently in the 2ww. I'm also on a weightloss journey. This is my 5th IUI. I've lost 40 pounds since the other ones and I'm praying that helps this time!!! I still have 50 more to lose. It's so incredibly hard!!! Your doctor won't do it because of your weight? Mine didn't say one word about weight. Interesting!

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