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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - First Trimester' started by shell15, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. shell15

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    Sep 27, 2011
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    Hi everyone! FINALLY my first OB appt/scan has arrived!!! We go in in the morning and I am so excited I can barely stand it.

    When I was pregnant with my son, I had my first scan at around the same time...just short of 10 weeks. They did a transvaginal ultrasound at that time, and the rest were normal belly ultrasounds. I have several friends who had the same experience.

    My best friend is also pregnant (YAY!!!!!! :happydance:) and is 2 weeks further along than me. She has had her 1st scan and they did it normal, on her transvaginal ultrasound.

    So my question is, is one way more common than the other? My impression was the 1st scans are always vaginal but now in talking to her I'm wondering if it is a doctor thing or what. At first I thought maybe it was because I am a bigger girl, but some of my other friends are way tiny and still got them vaginally. We are both in the midwest so I don't think it's a location thing. Thoughts? Just wondering what to expect tomorrow as I have a different doctor than I had with my son. Noone told me I needed a full bladder or anything so I'm just curious what they're going to do (I'd hate to get there and them do a belly and not be able to see anything because my bladder's not full or something! :haha:).

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    I would have thought they would tell you which you are getting as if its a belly one you are meant to drink 2 litres of water at least an hour before.x
  3. Mrsctobe

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    I had a scan at 7weeks 6days in this pregnancy and it was a belly scan
  4. bananaz

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    Sep 17, 2011
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    I think it depends on the doctor and how far along you are. With my first pregnancy I only had a transvaginal scan during my first appointment at 6/7 weeks. With this pregnancy I had my first appointment at 9 weeks and the doctor did an abdominal ultrasound first, then asked if I was okay with transvaginal so she could get a closer look. The abdominal ultrasound actually looked fine to me - even though I had an empty bladder you could see baby and heartbeat no problem, but I guess transvaginal gives a clearer picture early on.
  5. MrsMystery

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    Sep 23, 2011
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    My OB's office said they will try abdominally first and if that doesn't show them what they need to see, they'll do the internal ultrasound.

    I had my first dating scan at 7 weeks and they did the external one...thank god. I so did not want the internal one! haha

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