Flipping snow ruined my first-day-of-maternity-leave plans! Ggrrrrr!

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by MrsBandEgglet, Dec 18, 2009.

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    May 22, 2009
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    Can't decide if i wanna bash something or cry my heart out! My first official day of mat leave and I'm fed up already.
    I'd planned on taking myself off shopping today to Meadowhall (which is a mere 15 min tram ride away for me). The tram stop is a ten min walk away, up a little bit of a hill but quite managable I'd say. Well, my hubby disagrees :growlmad: and has put the guilt trip on me going. He say's he'd rather I didn't and as he's in bed I can't exactly ask him to get up and take me. The roads are terribly icy where we are anyway so it's probably better to walk than drive.
    I was really looking foward to going, plus I still have gifts to buy and post off. Now i'm stuck at home, DH is upstairs sleeping soundly and I've got bugger all to do. I really don't wanna go to Meadowhall tomorrow because it's gonna be horrendous, Sunday and Monday we've got plans and Tuesday apparently it's gonna get even worse. So by Wed it's gonna be far too late :hissy::hissy:

    Feel like i'm just counting the hours down and then the days until LO arrives. 5 weeks minimum and I'm bored stupid already :cry:

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