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Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by MrS. MaBrEy, Jan 31, 2011.

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    its game day on sunday, and my husband is a soldier who lives in the barraks on post (he is still in school so not allowed to live with me:wacko:) he came home for dinner tonight and says "i did something really really bad, i hope you wont be too mad at me...":dohh: oh god oh god oh god what is he going to say.... "i accidentally invited 5 of the guys over for dinner and the superbowl on sunday (cowers in fear of death)" :shock: what? are you kidding me? in our 400 sq. ft. apartment? really? i mean i know we have a big screen but....oh baby i dont care really....but here is the question... WHAT am i going to cook for 5 game watching guys?!?!?!?! im making asian hot wings...of course you cant have game day without hot wings...and potato skins...just because they are easy! WHAT else should i make????? OMG i cant even think of anything else that will work besides like nachos or fajitas...HELP!
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    Your ideas all sound good! Finger food, buffet style. Sandwiches, pizza slices, don't make it too complicated :)

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