Food time and tantrums

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    Pierre has had a cold recently and he still has a bit of a stuffy nose, plus he's teething.

    Almost every meal time I get him to have a few spoon fulls of food, perhaps 4 or 5 and then he goes mad with a tantrum. He'll try to grab the spoon before it gets to his mouth, knock the food out of my hand, spit out any that gets in his mouth and he won't stop screaming.

    He's done the same with his bedtime milk last night and the night before, where he only had about 2 or 3 oz and then refused the rest. I felt terrible putting him to bed with no milk but he did sleep through both times. Then this morning he's had about an ounce and refused any more plus he's rufusing to drink anything else during the day. Usually he loves apple juice but yesterday he had about 3 sips. His nappy this moring only had a little bit of wee when usually it would be full to exploding point so now he's dehydrated too.

    All in all this has been going on for a week now, although I have been able to get some good food and milk into him in that time. I'm really worried now though. I've just put him back to bed after his tantrum over his milk this morning so he could calm down and we can try again in a bit.

    I'm giving him all thing I think he'll like just to get him to ea and drink, like fruit purees but he's normally not a fussy eater at all. He's only a week and a half of his first birthday now. Any help would be much appreciated!!

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