Freaking out- will a bad chart lead to a miscarriage?

Discussion in 'TTC After A Loss' started by rai2, Apr 2, 2011.

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    Hi everyone

    A little background about me- had a mmc last Oct- was suspicous of Luteal Phase Defect, saw a fertility consulatant who said I do have a deficiency although no evidence if this causes a miscarriage. He prescribed me progesterone to take if I want to (again didn't say I should). So, I usually have a 25 day cycle (except a 30 day in dec after miscarriage). So, this month when we have decided to try again finally my bbt chart is like nothing I have seen before. I was very stressed with work right at the start of the cycle and had a cold so I was not really surprised that ovulation was delayed - day 19 as shown on clearblue and temps. However, before ov my temps fluctuated a lot and now after ovulation they went up 1st day past ovulation and now already are on a decent down- days 2 and 3 lower and lower every day (not under coverline yet though!).

    Honestly I am really worried thinking that this month is doomed- although this sounds silly I am praying that I have not conceived as I am worried that if I have it would be a doomed pregnancy and the progesterone will maintain it until an early scan! I'm scared not to take the progesterone incase it would be an ok pregnancy. Does this rambling make any sense?! I just wish I hadn't tried this month now after seeing it was going to be an unusal cycle for me.

    Sorry and thanks for reading!

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