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Discussion in 'Breastfeeding' started by PuddlePuppy, Apr 24, 2009.

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    I am starting to exercise again on tuesday evenings, OH is happy to look after B, but I don't want to give her formula when I am out and about.

    So do you think this will be ok I need to express around 7oz for her feed, but when I pump i only get 1-2 oz, so I thought if I have a large advent bottle in the freezer, and add (refregrator cooled) express, of 1-2 oz per day to the bottle after a week I should have enough to cover that feed.

    Then on Tue morning get the bottle out of the freezer to defrost ready to use on Tuesday evening at 730ish.

    Do I need to keep the bottle cooled before heating it, as we leave the house around 530, then walm in some walm water or let it walm to room temp naturally over the few hours?


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    As you pump more you'll get more but in the meantime BM keeps up to 5 dayds in your fridge. So have your container in the fridge and like you said, keep joining the amounts together to make the feed then freeze if necessary. So long as you only mix once they are chilled to the same temp you're fine!

    When you need it remove from the fridge or freezer and warm it in hit water - if its chilled I find it warms quite quickly compared to formula so keep an eye on it. If frozen you can remove from the freezer and let it defrost over night in the fridge - be aware it can take a while if its a full 7 oz in a freezable bottle so get it out 24hrs before if you can. Any frozen slushy bits will thaw when you reheat if its not quite defrosted.

    Stome BM at the top and near the back away from the door of your fridge so it stays at a constant temp :)

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