Fussy eating stage help please :)

Discussion in 'Toddler & Pre-School' started by rubberducky88, Oct 1, 2013.

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    Jan 6, 2011
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    My DS used to be a fantastic eater & would literally eat anything put in front of him.

    About 2 months ago he started refusing foods and would only eat a small amount of finger foods - half a fish finger, sausages, mini waffles, etc.

    My question is how did you get your toddler back eating good foods :( I'd love him to eat cottage pie, casseroles, spag Bol, roast dinners etc again

    I'm out of ideas. I've tried letting him feed himself but he's very stubborn and won't even eat a mouthful.

  2. seoj

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    No clue- sorry. LOL. My LO hit this stage right around 18mos- prior she would try or eat just about anything we offered- then she just flat refused to even try a bite! It time, it passed- I just went with it. She still has her "picky" moments- but is open to trying more things now. She usually has to lick it first to make sure she really wants a bite :haha: but more often than not she'll at least try it- although sometimes it comes right back out ;)

    Just keep offering- maybe try feeding off your plate- sometimes that's a good way to trick them into thinking they are getting something better cause Mom is eating it. LOL. I will even sometimes make myself a meal and just offer some to LO before attempting to make her own plate.
  3. mrs.amillian

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    This may sound harsh but I would just start giving him the foods you would normally eat again xx

    He will eat it eventually, maybe breakfast or lunch give him finger foods but dinner I would defiantely just continue down the proper meal line.

    Tessa's not eating properly a the mo, but I haven't changed her diet or ofered her anything extra, she gets her food and thats it, if she doesn't eat it she has to wait till next time :shrug:

    OH is a fussy eater and I can't abide it so I take a strict line with her,hope he comes around soon x
  4. bananaz

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    It's natural for kids to go through picky phases, IMO the key is to just keep offering a variety and eventually they'll start eating it. I don't think there's much you can do to make the phase go by faster, unfortunately, but I would definitely try to avoid falling into the trap of only offering a couple foods that he likes.

    The suggestion about letting him eat off your plate is a good one. I often find that my LO will grab things from my plate that she sees me eating, even if she wouldn't try those same foods when I offered them to her directly. Sometimes giving her a fork or a spoon will make her more interested in trying food too.

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