Gah this is doing my head in!

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by kayleigh&bump, Jun 3, 2011.

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    We've lived here since last July, and since then we've called the gas people out literally 6-10 times due to a gas smell coming from our meter cupboard in our front room. It's not a content smell, but we smell it on average once every 3 days I would say. The meter cupboard is backed onto the outside wall so it could be something from outside too.

    Our next-door neighbour also smells it a lot in his living room to and has called them out equally as many times. Each time the gas people have come out, they've tested everything inside and out and have said no leak. Well around 6 this evening it got really bad, so bad you could smell it from the other side of he house. So we called them out again. We asked if the top dog could have a look as this has been going on too long. So he came, tested every ing, sub into the footpath and tested... Nothing!!

    It is so frustrating!

    They've now suggested we get onto environmental health to see what they can do :dohh: has anyone else ever experienced anything like this?
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    Hi, if the guys have tested and not found gas it could be a sewage smell as they are similar. Maybe see if the gutters need cleaned or if the drains are flooding. THat could be why it's intermittent. Hope you find it!

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