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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by Tam, Oct 30, 2006.

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    Hello ladies....

    Well it has been half term whaich has been great, Paul also had the week off which made it even better :dance: Just as well, I have been soo soo tired this week, I have found it a real struggle waking up :shock: Once I am awake I struggle to get to slepp, but hey ho, I wished I could wake up straight away....

    Anyway, it has been a while since I have been sick, so I thought I would leave taking my anti sicknes tablets and see how things went (Feeling very confident I would be OK) anyway, 4 hours later, head down the toilet being so ill, shouting to Paul, "get me my tablets" LOL! So I took them eventually and then ha dto sit down for an hour (we was on our way out :roll: ) whilst I got myself together as I was so faint! We eventually got to Tesco's and we are only in there for a short time before I have to dart outside for air, i thought I was going to faint.....4 times that happened in Tesco, so we went home via the Doctor's who told me not to stop taking my tablets as when you have hyperemesis you lose all of your sugars and salts when being sick and it plays havoc with your bood pressure, hence I felt so I decided BAD IDEA of mine and am back oon my trusted, and bloody good I might add, tablets! It took me 2 days to feel 100% again!

    At the begining of the week, we was going out and about quite a lot and I was paying for it thru my groin and pelvis, I could barely walk in the end and it was soo painful, I needed Paul to turn me over in bed again and needed to sit down to get dressed :cry: But I have had plenty of resy since and I am all ok again,.......not pain free, but mobile!

    On a good note.....I am feeling Alfie like no ones business! He is a right little wriggler, there is not a day goes past now that I don't feel him :happydance: and it is such a wonderful feeling.....the best bit is, even Paul felt him moving on Saturday night, it was brilliant!!!!

    We are playing a lullaby sleep toy thing to him every night, (which will go in his cot) in the hope it might make him more settled when going to bed when born......worth a shot, could really pay off!? :wink:

    I am sure I am growing bigger by the hour :lol: I will try and get some bump pics up :? but don't hold your breath :lol:

    Anyway, that is my update....

    Hope you are all OK?

    Take care girls! x

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