getting nervous for my scan UPDATE with gender

Discussion in 'Gender Disappointment' started by momofone08, Oct 4, 2013.

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    Hi ladies!

    We are expecting #3, and are hoping for a boy this time. We have two WONDERFUL daughters that I wouldn't switch for the world, but really really really want a boy. This is my last chance to have a son,and although I already love this baby very much I can't help but worry it'll be another girl. What I am really nervous about is that we have a private gender scan on the 15th and on the 19th we will have a gender reveal. I won't know the gender until the party, and I am worried about my reaction in front of the family. Did any of you have to face disappointment in front of anyone? I should be fine, but I'm worried I'll cry. :dohh::dohh: and that they will all be mad at me.


    We are having a BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blue: :blue: :blue:
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    wow you are brave! i had my scan last thursday but am not having my reveal party til tomorrow, and i made sure i found out at the scan! i thought about waiting til the party, but i figured it'd be too overwhelming, on top of all the hormones, that'd i end up crying no matter what! i'm glad i made that decision, because i cried for almost a week after my scan- not because i was disapointed, but just beacuse i was so overwhelmed. i'm glad i've had this time to "recover" before the party tomorrow LOL but... that's just me! i think it's awesome that you are going to find out when everyone else does! i think it's a really cute idea!! i just know i personally wouldnt be "strong" enough to do it haha
    good luck with everything :)
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    I hope you get your little boy!
    I'm the opposite I've got two lovely boys and wanting a girl this time as this is our last so I know how you're feeling. I personally would find out before the reveal to get myself together because I know I'd probably burst into tears of it were another boy.
    Good luck! :hugs:

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