Goddamn men lol

Discussion in 'General Chatter' started by Donna35, Dec 17, 2009.

  1. Donna35

    Donna35 Guest

    Well I had a lovely day planned for today - go to baby class then off to the Metro Centre for the day with JJ (so I could try find something which wouldn't make me look like a rhino for Christmas) I also had to go to Asda to get food etc

    OH asked me this morning where was I going (after me telling him all this last night!!) and said he thought I was just going to baby class and back home. He then asked what time would I be back and could I get back by 2 o'clock - I asked why and he said 'in case I want some happy times' (happy times=:sex:)

    Now bearing in mind baby class is on til 11.45 after which I needed to collect prescriptions and I wouldn't get to Metro Centre for about 20mins after that...I got a quick half hour in Metro Centre - just enough time to get JJ some jeans and me some socks and OH's surprise xmas pressies - that was all!! Bng goes me girly shopping session:nope:

    So now here I am home as requested by the big Kahuna and what is he doing??? Not lying in bed with a rose between his teeth anyway:haha: he's playing Stranglehold on the XBOX!!!!!

    Men who'd have them!!! :dohh:
  2. booflebump

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    Feb 17, 2009
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    :rofl: I would have been telling him to stick his happy time - he should have been offering to help you do your shopping x
  3. Donna35

    Donna35 Guest

    Nooooooooo lol when he comes shopping he goes into the TV shop to eye up the plasma tvs (even tho he's just got a new one!) and Game and then loses interest and wants to come home - I wanted to spend hours wandering in and out of girly shops which he hates lol

    He came food shopping with me yesterday he does help with that but we needed a few things from Asda just while I was out and about. Ah well I'll go Metrocentre monday and I ain't coming back til i've walked the legs off myself lol
  4. leeanne

    leeanne Mom of 3 and Stepmom of 2

    Jan 25, 2008
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    I would have went and done my shopping instead!
  5. ellismum

    ellismum Ellis' mum!!

    Apr 1, 2009
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    :smug:Everyone knows shopping beats :sex: You need to remember that for future reference :roll:

    Next time he wants to do something lure him in with sex and get the ironing board out lol:winkwink:

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