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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by scottishgal, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. scottishgal

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    well girls went to CAB this morning and spoke to a oldish man he was very nice and very informational and helpful very much so for me and DP he explained that my landlord has broken many scottish laws for landlords here in scotland and I am well within my rights to stay at the property and there is two months remaining on my short hold tenancy but when the man checked it up has i WASNT given a form to sign etc when I got the tenancy I am not a short hold tenant I am a assured tenant. He broke the law for taking the fuses out of the box and he said that I can ignore the landlord and carry on paying him and that he cant take me to court etc because its getting sorted. so I am feeling very much happier and knowing I am in my rights to live here is great
  2. littlestar

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    Aug 3, 2008
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    That's Great news Chick!

  3. scottishgal

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    i know hun its great isnt it DP said it wud get sorted etc but i thought na it wont lol but he was right as per normal lol
  4. sezzlebum

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    great news :D
  5. cs22

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    Nov 14, 2008
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    Thats great news glad its all sorted now xxx

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