Got answers to my concerns at midwife/doc appt

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by salander, Jan 25, 2011.

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    Nov 15, 2010
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    A few interesting things at my appt today....
    I've been worried that my ferritin levels were higher than normal and have been reassured by the doc that its not too high to be worried and that sometimes if you have a cold or something going on then that can raise it. They've repeated the test today as they're expecting them to change.

    I was told last time that i have no immunity to rubella which i know can be normal but i had non hodgkins lymphoma 11 years ago and a stem cell transplant (basically all my cells taken out and put back in) and so doc seems to think I may not be immune to any childhood diseases but hes going to check with my consultant at christies so i have to be v careful around kids!! Also convinced me that I need to have the flu jab as I don't want any complications if i did get ill!! Having it done on thursday.

    Anyway am a lot more at ease with whats going on in my body after today and glad that the midwife i had asked the doc to come see me as she couldn't answer my questions a happy chappie :)

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