Got myself in such a state, if anyone can help :(

Discussion in 'Pregnancy After A Loss' started by torch2010, Jun 7, 2011.

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    I lost my son 16 months ago to a condition called Hydrops Fetalis. I lost him at 25+5 weeks pregnant. Hydrops is basically fluid under the skin and around organs. There was nothing the doctors could do for him.

    I am currently 27+3 weeks pregnant and at 25+6 weeks my midwife measured me at 28+ weeks, we had a growth scan the next day which confirmed that our baby was on the large side, this was expected as I have gestational diabetes. I am convinced that I seen fluid in our baby's tummy on the scan :( to be fair, the scan machine wasn't great and I was laying at an angle where I couldn't see properly.

    I stupidly searched Hydrops on here and came up with lots of posts, one of which a mummy had said her midwife had measured her big and they found out her baby had hydrops.

    I am now even more convinced that this is happening to me again :'( I am worried that the doctor missed the fluid (unlikely as it looked all over to me), this was the first time I had seen that doctor and if I am honest don't trust him, not a reflection on him but just the way I am. at my scan at 22 weeks baby's abdomen was slightly bigger then her head, normal in GD mummies, reason I am not worried about this is because I 100% trust the sonographer, he has been with us since our son was diagnosed and I know he would tell me if something was wrong.

    I am seeing the same consultant again on Friday to have another scan with him, do you think I could asked to be scanned on a normal machine? Not one that the consultants use? I know that if our normal sonographer is there he would scan us no problem.

    I am so scared that we will lose our baby. All scans have been fine though. I am just scared
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    I think, especially considering your past experience, you have every right to ask for a scan on a normal machine. I would politely insist on it. Good luck and you're in my thoughts!

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