Growth Scan and Dr Appt This Morning...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by BurtonBaby, Aug 27, 2009.

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    Blehhh... Well I had a growth scan this morning, our last one. Baby is measuring approx 7 1/2 lbs, everything looked good. Had our dr appt. It was with a nurse today, and it didn't go very well. The past 3 weeks I had lost 5lbs and I gained it all back :growlmad: . Also, last week baby was at -3 station and my cervix was closed. It stayed the same today... I was kinda bummed cause I've had lots and lots of BHs. I thought maybe something had happened.. Also the dumb nurse had to say, "We wont even induce you like this..." Why are we even discussing induction yet?! They said they would let me go to 41 weeks, I just felt like she was kinda pushing the idea of another c-section. Luckily she's not my doctor and next week I'm going to let my doctor know that I am not agreeing a c-section unless I'm 41 weeks and absolutely nothing is happening.
    Sorry for the rant, I was just hopeful that it would have gone better. Then I got emotional as soon as she walked out and started bawling. DH went with me today since we had an u/s and I think he thinks I'm crazy now.. :wacko:
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    Aww sorry your appointment didn't go better :hugs:

    If it makes you feel better though it sounds like the nurse was being a bit of a negative cow, so i'm not surprised you got emotional.

    Great to hear that LO is such a good weight though :thumbup:

    Hopefully your next appointment will go better.

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