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    We all know how important routine can be for babies and children. It instills security, confidence, and let's face it, if they are kept on a schedule that WORKS for them, they are a happier baby.

    The times that I have had LO go see FOB, he doesn't let him nap, when he shows clear cues of being tired, and starts to act out and get miserable. A 7 month old is not going to be happy if at the end of the day he has not had his 2 usual naps.

    I wrote down the times of LO's meals and bottles and amounts and instructions with the times.. and I don't think he even gave him his breakfast because his oatmeal and fruit was still in his diaper bag!

    And I am supposed to feel confident when LO goes over there? sheesh!
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    See now this is something that really pees me off :haha: I tell FOB he needs to stick to the routine because if he drops me back two miserable children I am going to have his number on speed dial and drive him insane. :haha: it worked, FOB sticks to their routine.

    I'd make it clear that he sticks to the routine because its not affecting anyone but your son.
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    FOB did this exact thing with his oldest son. The mother would say put him to bed at 8. I would put him to bed at 8 (FOB too busy with video games) & check on him at 9 30 to find him sat up wide awake watching tv with FOB's dad, who'd look innocent & say 'well he woke up'

    .... Rock him back to sleep then!! Don't wake him fully up! Cos no-one else in that effing house used to get up with the baby apart from idiot me. So I'd get grumpy baby all night cos he was over tired.

    Once of the many reason FOB will not get my LO over night until he's about 3.

    Sorry...I hijacked your rant :flower:

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