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    Hello was just wondering if anyone else has been reffered to a gynaecologist at the hospital and if so what I am likely to expect?
    My periods were all regular last year up until jan of this year.My last period began on 04/12/08 ,during december I was with my ex at the time and we were ttc (split in january for other reasons) ,but since then I have been testing and only getting faint lines(asdas,I.C's,frer and boots tests.My doctor only offered me a urine pregnancy test ,that he said they sent off as that would be a more sensitive test (this was about 3 weeks ago) ,so basically this has been going on for nearly 4 months now and he has only offerd that urine test that came back negative.In the meantime im still getting faint lines on IC's.So instead of taking blood tests to check for hcg or even to check my hormone levels he has today reffered me to the gynaecologist at the hospital (my appt is end of april) .I have had a fair few symptoms in the last few months too.So hopefully i will get some answeres at the hospital but was wondering what to expect when i see the gynaecologist?
    sorry for rambling lol

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