Had a scare last night!!

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by BuxtonKerry, Apr 25, 2009.

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    Mar 6, 2009
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    Hi everyone.. I am 20 weeks on monday and have been feelin baby move since I was about 16wks so Im kind of learnin his/her patterns of movement. Usually bubs has a really active period at around 9 oclock at night onwards BUT last night he/she didnt. I hardly felt bubs move yesterday and when I did it was only flutters and not kicks (like usual). So far today Ive felt a few flutters.. so I know he/she is still there.. Its just worrying. Anyone else had the same kind of thing??

    Oh and another thing while Im here..(sorry! Im such a worrier!) Last night I squeezed my nipple and a load of cloudy/clear liquid came out. I was actually really pleased! But Im just wondering if thats normal at (nearly) 20 weeks??xx
    Thanks for all your help in advance!!x :-D

  2. soon2b6

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    Mar 23, 2009
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    Hi, I had a really similar worry, mine didnt move for several days,nothing really, the odd wind type sensation and nothing else, had scan yesterday, braced for the worst news and everything was fine, I think sometimes they can be awkward little b*ggers,lol. Also they still have a fair bit of room for manouver and I recon they can still find a quiet spot to hide in, wont be long till we know their every move (not sure if thats good or bad though,lol) If you are worried I would get your MW to listen in for you, it can be very reassuring to hear the HB.
    With regard to the nipple leakage. I think its probably normal, I dont get any leakage at all in pregnancy but Ive heard of women at 14 ish weeks getting leaking so I doubt its a problem.
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    It's quite common to have days where you feel far less movement or no movement early on, as if baby turns and starts kicking towards your back you're unlikely to feel it, so you might just feel fluttery movements rather than harder kicks again - as soon2b6 said, they still have a lot of room to move around at this stage.

    The nipple leakage is completely normal too :D x
  4. babystar

    babystar Guest

    cant really help u on the movement thing sorry :hugs:

    but the nipple thing 20 wks isn't too early. I was about then when I had Elinor and im only just over 13 now and i end up damp and sticky at the nipples in the mornings..and midwife assures me its my milk etc starting up!

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