Had my progress scan today...

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by esther, Apr 6, 2009.

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    This morning went up to the hospital to have my progress ultrasound to check that my placenta has moved up and away so I can give birth without a hitch.

    Good news the placenta has moved up - well that is what the sonographer told me, just have to wait to confirm with the doctor at my appointment tomorrow that it has moved up enough for a vaginal birth - at least it has moved.

    They measured baby as well, at 19 weeks she was measuring just under the normal size but boy has she caught up! Overall she is measuring 1 week ahead of her gestational age, her legs are measuring 35w1d, so she has really really long legs lol and the rest of the measurements ranged from 33 to 34 weeks!

    They gave me an estimated weight of 2kg, so should she continue to gain 200 - 300g per week as is normal for babies up until 38 weeks, she should be about an 8 pound baby - give or take an ounce or few!

    Hopefully now that we now she is growing well ahead of her due date and gestational age, she might decide to surprise us a week early! Although I don't know if it really works that way lol.

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