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    We all now are too aware of the hidden germs around the home and environment, and often you wont always have soap and water to hand, I've found this ace hand gel which is great for kids and parents!
    It kills 99.9 of germs and just rubs into your hand and dissapears with no sticky residue!

    I've got some for sale :
    Handy 100ml for your bag - £2.50
    250ml for £3.50

    If any one is interested give me a shout.
    I also have
    organic coffee
    Dog toy tidy bags
    Pet feeding system bowls (makes sure there is a good suply of water)
    lint removers with 4 refills
    felt pads for furniture
    microfibre cleaning cloths
    degradable bin bags
    vacum cleaner bags
    toast it bags
    Crystal deoderants
    Natural deoderant psray
    kids plasters
    and organic and chemical free toiletries.

    If you want a catalogue with them all in, i can post you one.

    But he handgel is great i use it for ewan when we are out.

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