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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Second Trimester' started by addie25, Jan 27, 2011.

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    My doctor called to say I am a carrier for cyctic fibrosis. Now my husband has to get tested. If he is not a carrier we have nothing to worry about. If he is a carrier our child has a 25 percent chance of having that. Anyone else experience this or something similar and it turned out just fine.
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    Didn't want to read and run.
    I don't know much about it I'm afraid but wish you all the best. Hopefully you'll be fine xxxx
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    I had to get tested for this for my IVF treatment..
    I wasnt a carrier but I can say it has run in my family, well one family member we know of had CF..

    My aunt died of CF years ago my mums sister it was, however my Uncle my mums brother is not a carrier he was tested when he was doing fertility treatment with his wife. My mum on the other hand was never tested but however all of her daughters including me have been tested and we are not carriers. So assuming too my mum isnt a carrier as we still have a chance of being a carrier if my mum was a carrier but all of us three have the all clear.

    These things pop up in families years and years down the line, and no one was any wiser on anyone in the family past having CF. My Grandma had two children before my aunt and none of them had CF (so they never knew they were both carriers) until my aunt came along.

    It is something that can skip families for years and only ever cause problems when you both are carriers.. This is something most of us wouldnt even know about until the situtation arises.

    The percentage is just a basic show on how it can be passed down you can go years and years and never pass the gene down. Hence why a lot of family members will not know any one in the family of having CF until it comes to light.

    I bet your husband will be fine hun there is only a small chance he is a carrier himself so the odds are in your favour .

    These different genetic genes always run in all families over generations and most of us wouldnt be aware of any of them as they skip for years it is only when trying to research you may find answers but like i say, my grandma and grandad had no idea where they got the CF gene from as their familes have massives families and they were the only ones who had a child with CF.

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    I read a little about this when my son was a baby; we had to get him tested for CF. Only 1 in 30 Caucasians and 1 in 65 african americans are carriers (not sure of other ethnicities though), so the chances that your husband is not a carrier is pretty good. I wish you the best!!

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