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    Aug 30, 2011
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    Hi everyone,

    i have been in the 2ww thread and now have come to join you guys as DH and i are leaving trying for a couple of months, Had 3rd m/c this week in 18months and went to dr today and they are going to run some tests to see if its pure coincidence or if there is actually something wrong.

    I didnt want to leave the board so thought id come and join you guys, were not going to try again till feb as DS starts school Sept and i dont want to have a baby right when he starts, also gives me a couple of months to have some tests to see if there are any problems!

    So thought id say hi and tell you my story!

    Charlene x
  2. Mrs Eleflump

    Mrs Eleflump Guest

    Hi, welcome to WTT...I'm so sorry for your losses :hugs: I hope the tests show something useful that will help you on your TTC journey, and that your time in here is no longer than it has to be. We're all waiting for all sorts of reasons, so you'll find plenty of good company here.
  3. Beccaboop

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    Jun 13, 2011
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    Sorry to hear about your losses I hope the results of your test Come back ok.

    We're going to start TTC for our first baby in feb too! Less than 3 months to go now!! :D Let's hope we both get our bfp tests soon! Xxx


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