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    Hello my birth story is as follows:

    Saturday morning at 06:40am went to toilet - had a wee wee - stood up and felt waters - sat back down on toilet thinking oops I hadn't stopped - then suddenly realised it was my waters - wiped myself (tmi) and sore some blood so knew something was happening.

    Called hospital, they asked me to put on a maternity pad and to call back at 07:20 (half an hour later). Did this and explained that I had blood on pad - they asked me to come in at 08:30.

    08:30 was seen by triage, put on monitor - they did not internally examine me so not to risk gaining an infection - they saw pad which confirmed a show and waters breaking. Monitor showed bubba's heartbeat was fine - I had slight contractions but nothing that I could feel.

    They sent me and hubby home at 11:00 with a view that hopefully I will naturally have contractions and then to come back. However, was explained to me that if this did not happen then I had to come back in at 08:00am on the Sunday morning for induction.

    Sunday morning 08:00 went back into hospital since not getting any more contractions on the Saturday.

    They put the gel 'Prostin' on my cervix. This was at 11:00am - I was then told that I would be examined at 15:00 to see if this has worked.

    Was examined at 15:00 and was told that it would be possible I will have no more Prostin as to reduce any infection and that I might be put on hormonal drip Syntocinon.

    Was put on Syntocinon drip at 18:00 and was asked by a few midwives about the epidural. Was advised that this drip can get very intense. I did say that I wanted to try without and to see how I would get on.

    Contractions started more or less straight away - at this point I was only 1cm dilated. After 5 and a half hours at 23:30pm I was internally examined - more waters broke - couldn't believe how much there was - I thought that the 'puddle' I had at home was it - this was like a 'tsunami' described by the midwife. The midwife said that this was my 'hind' waters? Was then informed that I was only 4cm dilated. I was then informed that normally by text book you dilate 1cm every hour so we were looking at another 6 hours till fully dilated - thats if I progress. I then decided that I would then go for an epidural. The midwives praised my actions as normally people have the drip and the epidural at the same time - If there had been say another 1 or 2 hours in it I would have not had the epidural.

    Epidural was inserted - I then drifted in and out of sleep for the following 6 hours. I have to say that the contractions were manageable but for another 6 hours I don't know whether I could have gone there. At 6:30am I was then examined again and I was 5-6cm dilated. It was then clear that although bubba on CTG was showing happy - he just did not want to come out! I was then asked about a C-Section. I was then asked shall we carry on for another 2 hours to see if anything else happens and then it will give me thinking time to get my head around it.

    At 08:30am I was told that I had not dilated any more and that they will now advise for a c section.

    At this point I looked at my hubby and we were concerned about bubba - we had given it all that we had - apparently I shouldn't have been on this drip for as long as I had been on it - and it was also to its maximum levels.

    So at 09:30am I was prepped for a c section and taken down to theatre - epidural was topped up - had more injections - hubby was wearing hospital theatre clothes and there was around 14 people in the theatre with us. It was explained to us that with c section not being the natural way to give birth, we were told that if we see people rushing around with baby it does not mean anything and also if we don't hear baby cry it does not mean anything - we had to be prepared - just like any other c section.

    At 10:00am on 14/11/11 Harry was born. He came out crying and then both mine and my husbands eyes just filled up. We heard everyone say how big he was - he came in measuring at 9lb 12oz. At this point it made sense that he did not want to come out the most conventional route. The surgeon described this way as the 'sunroof' way :o).

    I have since come home after spending 2 days in hospital - the care that me and Harry received at Darent Valley as been second to none - and I praise everyone that works their.

    I post this as a positive birth story as to me I look at Harry and I can't think of anything negative to think about.

    Thank you to all who have supported me throughout this most magical journey - Harry has rocked our worlds and I never thought that I could love anything more xxxx
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    Congrats Hun x x
  3. Maid Marian

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    The moment a child is born,
    The mother is also born.
    She never existed before.
    The woman existed, but the mother, never.
    A mother is something absolutely new.
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    Massive congratulations again sweetie :D
  5. SpottedDog

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    congratulations again hun, glad you had such a positive birth experiance. x x
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    Congrats :flower: x
  7. t33cup

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    congratulations! well done hun x

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