Help! Heat rash??

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by kirsten1985, Aug 23, 2009.

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    Freya has little tiny spots all over her head, they are really small, only noticable when the light catches them. They are nowhere else on her body which is why I am confused, I thought if it was down to heat she would have them in the sweaty bits, but no, just on her head. She has a few bigger ones on her face, and has never been a spotty baby, never had any up til now.

    I am taking her to the clinic to get weighed on Tuesday so will ask HV then, was hoping someone might have some ideas on here! She is eating fine, being normal in every other way.

  2. cerilou

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    Jun 17, 2008
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    It could just be what they call a 'newborn rash'. It's just the baby's skin getting used to the different environment. Your HV might be able to give you some cream for it. You could try using vaseline to see if it helps as it works as a barrier.
  3. kirsten1985

    kirsten1985 Guest

    no one else had this?
  4. Logan's Mum

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    Aug 10, 2009
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    Logan has a rash at the moment, all little spots which are over his face, neck and also into his hair too. The health visitor didnt sound concerned as she said newborn skin has to get used to not being moist etc like in the womb. Im just washing him with warm water and will see whether that helps.

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