help ladies back pain 32 weeks

Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by MummyMandi, Oct 2, 2013.

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    ladies im 32 weeks 3 days pregnant and im starting to get really in pain now i need your advice please :(
    i went the doctors last Tuesday with strong signs of a water infection and iv suffered since they said they lost my water sample on the way to the hospital so i didnt get prescribed anything even though they found protein and something else in it. i was spotting and still have been nearly everyday desprate for the loo 24-7 escpecially at night and even had throwing up and dioreah and cramps and yesterday i started to develop back pain i could sleep and now its even worse they checked my water today and found a lil protein and blood im giving another sample in tomorrow because it wasnt a morning sample ad im getting my antibiotics but im really worried now about this pain in my back it feels like braxton hicks in my back and the pain keeps going round to the top and all over my bump sometimes. im going to have my second bath today to try and ease these i took paracetamol it took the edge off abit but now its back with a vengeance im scared of going to hospital and getting sent home all over again iv been up quite abit in the past as oi lost my daughter at 39 weeks of pregnancy so i never take a chance but has anyone had this too and it was nothing ....? i dont wanna drag my lil boy out in the cold and my fiance has work tomorrow i feel like a pain. obviously i care so so much about my lil girl too but i go and get sent home everytime and i get better nearly straight away its weird but im worried :(:shrug:

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