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Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by LoisP, Jun 2, 2011.

  1. LoisP

    LoisP Guest

    When Shaun was newborn we fed on demand, but soon realised he was in a routine himself where he'd have a bottle every 4 hours exactly.
    Now he's 6 months old and we have no routine! It vanished about 2 months ago! We still make up 6 bottles through the day but he 'snacks' on them. 1oz for one 2oz on another, then the whole lot, then 1oz... get the picture? I need a routine!! 1) we are wasting so much of his milk on feeds he doesn't even drink and 2) I struggle to know when he's hungry, he's teething too so alot of crying and because we don't have ANY routine, I end up trying to give him a bottle assuming he's hungry and he doesn't want it (BANG 6oz wasted)
    Help me please! xx
  2. Divinebeauty

    Divinebeauty Guest

    I am not sure what to suggest , as My lo is only 3 months... and My oldest is 4 yrs old. I am sure there will be better answers than mine from some of the other ladies!

    However, I do remmeber my son acting in such a way at around the same age pretty much due to teething. Where the signs of hunger.. are no longer signs as there hands are always at their mouths from teething. One thing I tried was I tried everything else to settle him before making a bottle, such as playing talking, walking around, and so on.. At least if he was hungry when he started to fuss the distractions made him hold off for a bit and now he is REALLY hungry and should take a bottle. If he wasnt hungry and was just bored/irritated I took his mind off thinking he wanted to eat for comfort. I am going to try to write up the routing we did for mason (he is now 4 yrs old) at 6 months old this was his...

    7:00- wake up , 6 oz bottle
    Play time..
    8:30 - 4 tsp cereal
    9:00- nap
    12:30- wake up - cuddle/play
    1:00- 6 oz
    play time
    4:30 - nap
    5:00-wake up cuddle
    5:30 -baby food-
    play time
    6:30 -3 oz
    7:30 bath
    8:00- 6oz
    8:30 bed

    Hope this helps.. I took this from his book when he was a baby for you!! xx

    ps: bottle feeds I was reading through and he always took different amounts if he did NOT take 6 oz in the am. so first feed.

    Is that what you Lo is doing snacking in the morning rather than taking a whole bottle?
  3. LoisP

    LoisP Guest

    He snacks when he wakes up, then has a proper bottle mid day, and another full bottle at night. The other 4 are just messing about, an oz and then doesn't want any more.

    Thank you so much for your reply hun, big help. I'm going to try and distract him to see if it's really hunger or just fussing because of teething or boredom.

    Thank youuuu :flower:
  4. Nessicle

    Nessicle Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2010
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    how much solids is he on hun? Could be that he's wanting more food rather than milk, our routine is

    7am bottle
    8am breakfast and playtime
    9am nap
    11am bottle
    12pm lunch and playtime
    1pm nap
    3pm bottle
    4pm dinner and playtime
    5pm nap
    6/6.30pm (dont let her sleep too long as it interferes with bedtime. bottle
    7pm bath
    8/8.30pm bottle and bed

    She has 3 meals a day, and 4 7oz bottles with an extra bottle at bed time just to settle her she takes between 4-7oz just depending on how much she's had during the day.

    We follow the EASY routine - Eat, Activity, Sleep, You.

    She also naps in our room cos she sleeps better in there during the day, think she feels like I'm trying to put her to bed if she goes in her cot lol.

    She's also teething and has two teeth through now but it hasnt been terrible but she's being sick a bit cos of ramming everuthing in her mouth lol xx
  5. jojo_b

    jojo_b Well-Known Member

    Aug 7, 2010
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    I'd look at what solids he's having (and cut these down if necessary), and switch him to Follow On milk so he's getting enough iron etc. To be honest, it's probably just a phase. Fin went a bit daft around the 5-6 month mark and his food went haywire. I just made smaller bottles and if he drank it, made more. Just go with it - he'll take more when he needs it and if he's anything like Fin, it won't last long x x
  6. Nessicle

    Nessicle Well-Known Member

    Jan 20, 2010
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    jo what do you think to follow on? is it gloopy and thick or is it just the same? Was considering cos its cheaper but dont know whether I should she's taking 7oz a feed so suppose its not really necessary and she constipates pretty easily!xx
  7. jambobabe

    jambobabe 2 boys 2girls 16 yr gap!!

    Oct 22, 2007
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    my little one still does this alot lol have you tried making less up when you know hes going to be fussy so you dont waste so much as long as hes gaining weight properly and looks satisfied i wouldnt worry as with weaning the more he starts to have the less milk he will drink thats how it worked for me hun and chloe is 10 mths plus now x
  8. Katie Mc

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    Apr 20, 2010
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    my 8 week has done this from day 1. I dont know where I am with her. She has about 8 bottles a day, some are 1oz, 2oz or some she will drink all 4oz. she fools us sometimes in to thinking shes hungry and then just messes with the feed. she always has her hands in her mouth at the moment and gets frustrated with them so I dont know if shes teething, but isnt she too young yet?
  9. LoisP

    LoisP Guest

    Babies can be born with teeth hun. !!
    But my son started doing exactly what she's doing, showing signs of teething at 11 weeks I think it was, but nothing really happened. He's now 27 weeks and has cut 2 teeth through. :)
  10. amy19604

    amy19604 Well-Known Member

    Sep 17, 2010
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    my daughter had a little bit of tooth poking through at only 8 weeks, but it stayed that way for ages until it came through properly. so they can start teething at any age really x

    to the op, my lo is now on formula, and he is in no kind of routine either, hes teething aswell so its hard to know if hes hungry or not, but i try everything else first and if nothing else works then feed him. hes just started sleeping through the night so when he wakes hes starving and then wants a few feeds close together but then the rest of the day he goes longer. he falls asleep at 7pm no matter what and always seems to want a feed at 6, then more at 7, drinks about an ounce then falls asleep for the night!
    have you started weaning yet? maybe that will help with routine x

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