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Discussion in 'Work & Finance' started by mummyof32011, Jun 3, 2011.

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    May 29, 2011
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    Hi everyone.....I've not long joined b2b and just bout got my bearings. I found this forum and thought to share my worries and hopefully find a way how to sort it out.

    Currently i am on maternity since having my little one in february and. am due to return to work end of October.

    The problem im having is, in september my 4 yr old son starts school in september and then I still have the two girls going nursery.......I need to sort my hours out for work but i have to ensure i got time to pick my son up as well as drop him off. But at the min its not lloking good as I'm not sure ill get the hours ill need to make sure i can get my kids etc

    :devil: guarantee it thou if someone else asks for something similar they'll get il but no not me....I have to do as im told

    If needs be ill have to give my noticw in if they not willing but then ill ave all that matwenity pay to pay back apparwntly if i dont go bk to work. I dont want to give work up thou thats my problem as i feel like i need to be a role modwl to my kidsvto show to get things in life they have to earnt and I've never really had time of work apart feom severe sickness, holidays and of course maternity leavr with my three kids.

    :( can anyone advise wat i can do as I'm not stuck and it wnt b long till im required to givw my ten week notice on coming bk to work.....

    Leanne :kiss:
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    Does the nursery that your girls go to have a drop off/pick up to take your son to school? Does school have a care club that you could drop your son off earlier?

    Sorry, do not have any other ideas.
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    they need to hav a solid business reason to turn down a request for adjusted hours so make ur application superduper!!!! Read up on ur rights to request revised/adjusted hours and quote these in ur app. Are u in a union? Or any mates a union rep in the civil service or anythin? I only specify the civil service as they will know the lehislation inside out and even if u work for a small company they will know the sort of stuff to put in your request and the type of language to use etc. Or try CAB but ask for an expert in that field. Anyone in ur workplace been approved for reduced hours and are carrying out same duties etc? Bolsters ur case, as they cant say yes to them and not to you without the risk of being accused of victimisation etc. Hope u get sorted xx
  4. dizzybella

    dizzybella Guest

    p.s. - u've prob already seen it but check out Directgov website for advice & 'yourrights.org' - Flexible working section to see the diff things ur employer can in theory turn down ur request for- that way u can pre-empt and ensure u have already included info to stop them usin that excuse :)

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