Help! Nightmare evenings with 9wk old

Discussion in 'Baby Club' started by mistyscott, Nov 15, 2011.

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    Jan 16, 2011
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    If anyone has any tips/advice or has been through similar and can offer reassurance...

    Our 9wk old has always been a good sleeper at night. He's ebf and usually wakes once or twice. Still does, that's not the issue.

    For the last few nights come 7pm ish he's like a different baby. A very unhappy one. He'll scream for ages, can't be calmed, wants the boob but only feeds a short time before screaming some more. Its taking us 3hrs plus to settle him in the evenings and he usually finally feeds to sleep at 10.30ish. It's heartbreaking to see him so upset and he sounds almost in pain. We've tried dentinox, which usually sends him off but isn't working. He doesn't sound gassy either.

    Is this just a phase? Any advice? He co sleeps with us but has a bednest (which he hates) . He's usually such a smiley happy baby in the day times :nope:
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    our baby was like this at your stage. just a horror in the evenings and we couldn't figure out why.

    then I read on a website that adults can have a gin and tonic or a big vent to their partners to relieve the stress of the day....all babies can do is cry. so I started to look on it as her g&t time lol

    if she was fed and burped and changed I used to do this:

    instead of handling her lots when she was screaming I put her on her mat on the floor without the arch and lay beside her (with waybulloo on the telly cos she finds that quite calming.....bad telly mummy here lol) and i just stroked her and shushed gently

    i let her have her g+t scream with me by her side nd she usually calmed down quicker than when I was squeezing and hugging and rocking and begging!!

    then at about eleven weeks her whole bedtime/feeding schedule shifted kinda naturally earler and voila she is a calm evening baby again.

    good luck!!!
  3. babyhopesxx

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    Jan 12, 2011
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    Hey, our lo is the same and only 7 weeks old so it could just be something to do with the age :shrug: during the day he's a diamond but come 7pm he's a right horror :dohh:
    Sometimes the screaming lasts for half hour, sometimes 2 hours. I've tried sshing, cuddling, rocking, feeding, nappy change, colic drops and nothing seems to calm him.
    The only thing i found that worked was to put him in his moses basket in our bedroom, with the lights out and just sit there stroking his cheek until he falls asleep. I think it's because he likes to go to bed at that time in the evening and being in the living room with the lights and tv on and his hyper 6 y/o brother running around gets too much for him and he can't sleep.


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