HELP!!! Returning to work after AML, pregnant again!

Discussion in 'Work & Finance' started by MissEm, Jun 5, 2013.

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    Hi there,

    I am due to return to work after having 12 months maternity leave. My problem is that I have moved out of the area I worked in which will make returning to work a little more expensive with regards to travel costs. I have also of course got to pay for childcare for my daughter which as we all know is not cheap. We don't have any family that are close so they are unable to help with looking after her. My employer has offered me my position back which is great but it means I have to be on site at 6am. I am guessing this would result in higher childcare costs as it will be 'unsociable hours'. If he changes my job role to suit my ideal hours then I must take a step down which means a lower salary which is just a big no no. I would not be able to return to work at all.
    I must make it clear that I would really like to return to work but I honestly don't think it is financially viable as after expenses, I am left with approx £10 per week!

    I have recently found out that we are expecting our second child (yay!) but if I leave work and make myself 'voluntary unemployed', does that mean I am unable to claim maternity allowance from the government?
    If I stay at work for the few months I would have to go back for before my maternity leave starts, then I am entitled to SMP.

    I cannot get thorough to CAB and I have no chance of visiting them in the next couple of days, so any advice or help would be most appreciated!

    Like I said, I want to return to work but we cant really afford for me to do so. Shall I swallow the expense and hassle of no pay and early starts for the next 4-5 months in order for me to qualify for SMP or would I already be entitled to some additional help from the government if I make myself voluntary unemployed.

    I hope all of this makes sense!!

    Please help!!

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    Firstly, your employer needs to consider flexible working, so put a case together, in your current role maybe you can start later or finish earlier? Could your OH do the morning run to nursery (or alternative) to help?)

    If you do quit and don't have another role, then its unlikely you will get Maternity Allowance. Check the test period table, its about half way through this document:
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    Could you just stay home with the kids instead of returning? I can understand wanting to work- but if it doesn't make financial sense? Plus- what will you do with 2 kids in daycare at some point?

    Not sure how the gov assist works there- I'm in the states, so it's much different here. I was lucky to get 12wks off paid (80%) when I went on leave- and that was only because my work pays- even though they don't have to. There is no government assistence here for that- other than job protection while we are on leave.

    Just think through your options hun-- see what would happen if you go back or not... then you and OH can make a decision as to what is best for your family. Maybe after your 2nd LO is born- you could look for work closer to home at that point?

    Best of luck!
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    Could you negotiate to start work at a reasonable hour and ate the other hours as holiday. This might see you through to your next round if mat leave...

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