Help us improve your prenatal care and win $100!

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    We are graduate students studying genetic counseling at Sarah Lawrence College.
    For our group thesis project, we are trying to learn more about what information women
    are offered about genetic testing during routine prenatal care. The goal of our project is to
    improve the quality of care and access to information for pregnant women. If you are
    pregnant and in your third trimester, or if you gave birth anytime in the last 12 months,
    we hope you will take this 10-minute survey. All of your answers will be kept strictly

    At the end of the survey, you will be invited to participate in a raffle where you
    can win one of 5 Amazon gift cards each worth $100
    . We will be collecting contact
    information for those who wish to participate in the raffle, but no names or other
    identifying information will be linked to survey responses.

    If you consent to participate in this study, you are free to withdraw at any time. If
    you wish to contact the survey organizers, you can reach us at
    [email protected] or our faculty advisor, Laura Hercher, at (914) 395-2605.

    We are hoping to reach as many women as possible! Please share!
    Survey on Aneuploidy Screening Experience

    Who can I contact if I have questions about my rights as a research participant? The IRB
    co-chairs Professors Elizabeth Johnston (914) 323-6672 and Claire Davis (914) 395-2605
    at [email protected] .

    Thank you!
    Taylor Cain, Michelle Kao, Pranali Shingala, and Elena Cothalis
    [email protected]

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