help with formula. should i try soy?

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by makeithappen, Jan 30, 2011.

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    my litthe girl has acid reflux and is on enfamil ar. she liked it at the start but now she refuses to take it. one or two ozs and shes screaming when i try to give her more.

    shes colicy, fussy, full of gas and constipated. i really dont think its good for her.

    should i maybe try soy? ive heard it can help all the things ive listed.

    please help me girls im pulling my hair out here.
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    we had a similar situation.
    I stopped BF at 5/6 weeks and we switched to cow and gate which bought LO out in an awful, all over rash.
    GP put her on nutramigen hypoallergenic but this made her really sick - she was already a sicky baby but because it was so thin it came up too easy.
    we always thought she had colic - cried every evening 5pm on the dot for 4-5hrs, windy as anything, constipated one day, upset the next and so on.
    GP then prescribed SMA WySoy, just to see if it would help.
    it did actually calm the windy-ness down and the constipation but she was still be very sick - she had reflux, so we moved onto a reflux formula.
    In those two weeks we did notice an improvement with her evening fussing and wind so it did help a little.

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