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Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by lizziedripping, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Oct 19, 2008
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    Aaagh!! These bloody opks. We are trying for baby #3. I have used opks in the past with great results. Huge positive, combined with cervical mucous and presto a succesful conception. This past year tho has been different. Please advise me on this months results.

    I expected ovulation last week, have regular periods approx 30 days in length. Last Weds/Thursday had copious amounts of CM, and a reasonably positive opk, though the line was only the same as not darker than control line. I am used to a darker definite surge line. We did the deed every day last week including last night (Sunday). CM dried up on Friday tho. Thing is, I did OPK yesterday and today, and today it has shown a definite surge (darker than test line) :hissy: What is going on? I have little or no CM to support ovulation. Husband flown away on business in early hours of this morning, so we obviously cannot have sex again now :hissy::hissy: I am really confused - did I ovulate last week? Is it possible to get a second false positive? I did use first response kits last week, and Boots own opk yesterday. In my experience first response are really sensitive and have worked well in the past - nowthey're just confusing me. Tests were faint up till last weeks apparent ovulation by the way, so don't think I have abnormally elevated LH levels continuously throughout my cycle.


    PS - just done another test (obsessed much) and it is negative, 1 hour later!!!! I wonder how reliable these tests actually are - I prefer to chart my CM more - that was def present last week, and now I'm as dry as the Gobi desert (sorry for detailed mental image :oops: Tell you what if I do end up preggo this month, will have a lot to say about OPKs! I just wonder when I conceived my first 2 kids, I never continued testing then because I was more chilled about the whole thing, and used to get definite surge line - if I had done, I wonder how many continued positives I would have got then. Maybe everyone has fluctuating levels of LH after ovulation - some high enough to occasionally register, but still within the normal range.
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    It's very confusing. I know sometimes our body gears itself up for ovulation and then for whatever reason, it doesn't happen.

    If I were you, I would go by your opk's from last week.

    Good luck
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    Hey Lizzie

    What OPKs are you using? I did use the strip ones you can buy off of ebay but i got so fed up peering for a line i splashed out on the CB digi - smiley face means :happydance: I also temp and do the CM thing to.

    What cycle day were you at last week when you got your CM? I have registered a same coloured OPK along with a temp and got solid lines on FF which showed i had definitely ovulated??

    Since the second surge you got today only appeared on 1 opk and also you have no other corresponding symptoms perhaps it was faulty?? I don't know how false positives work on the strips i'm afraid.

    I know that charting various symptoms always gives me more solid lines on FF so at least i'm sure i have ovulated. As for gobi image - i had months when my CM left for an extended vacation and it was definitely gobi so i know what you mean!! :rofl:


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