Help, worried about LO's intake and fussing after switching to FF

Discussion in 'Formula Feeding' started by Farie, Jan 27, 2011.

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    Hi, we are in the process of moving from BFing to FF as my girlie needs Neocate as she has multiple allergies to stuff in my milk.

    We are mixing it 50:50 with EBM to help her adjust (she's rather 'sensitive' to change!) but her intake at each feed varies massively.
    Last night at 11 on her dreamfeed (which she kinda woke up for :dohh:) she took just short of 4oz, at 3am I struggled to get 2.5oz into her and she didn't settle well, woke back up and I ended up using booby to settle her back off, she did sleep but it was very broken right up till her latest feed at 6am where she's just taken 2oz and refused more. She's now asleep.

    Should I be worried? It seems so little compared to the amounts on the box? Anyone else switched over and had this? How do you cope with them missing the comfort of the boob? Do they settle into it quite fast? She's been exclusively on bottles about 36h.

    Sorry, stress worried mum.
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    My son was quite a bit older when he was put onto the hydrolysed comfort milk, about 3.5 to 4 months, but he didn't take anywhere near as much as it said on the box at first and never did. Its trial and error really; again it will be different because of your daughter being younger; but just as an example we found him better on 3-4 12oz bottles a day as opposed to 5 or however many it was that was recommended for his age; he was still falling short by a few oz but not quite so many and he was gaining weight much better and happy and alert so we knew he was fine. xx

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