Hi :) Mum 2 Teenage Mum OK 2 B Here?

Discussion in 'Teen Pregnancy' started by TattiesMum, Aug 27, 2009.

  1. EmmanBump

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    You seem like an excellent Nonna already :)
    My mum is exactly the same at the minute, worrying because she thinks im rubbish with cleaning and cooking and just generally day to day things, i also work with children so shes not worrying about my parenting skills, but your daughter will be absolutely fine, trust me, ive moved out before and struggled doing the cleaning etc, but its different when you know you HAVE to do it :)
    Eeeeek i bet youre so excited!!
    oh, and welcome xx
  2. maddiwatts19

    maddiwatts19 Guest

    welcome to bnb! :)
    its lovely to see you here!!!

    i think your daughter will cope just fine.. you seem to be a very supportive mum, and thats fantastic! as long as she's got you i'm sure she'll be just fine :)

    congratulations to all of you :hugs: x
  3. shocker

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    Aug 18, 2009
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    Wow its so cool to see the mum of a teen mum on here! You seem like a really great and supportive nana :flower: Im sure she will cope and having you around no doubt will help very much! Im sure this time around will be very differant when she moves out, keep being the lovely nanna your being now and i dont see there being any problems :hugs: She has the motivation to manage the bills and clean and things this time, its very differant when your a student haha Hope shes well and that you are too!!!

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