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Discussion in 'Pregnancy - Third Trimester' started by mrscams, Jan 31, 2011.

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    Hi girlies,

    I have just spent my weekend in the hospital :cry:

    Last week I was feeling really slow & groggy, had zero energy and just wanted to sleep constantly & did every chance I got. I've suffered with headaches throughout my pregnancy but Friday I was having blurry vision and seeing stars. Hubby got home from work & took me straight round Dr's, who sent us straight up to hospital.
    After lots of tests they admitted me :cry: I was SO scared and saying goodbye to hubbles that night was horrible, I felt so alone. I was in a 4 bed room with 2 other women but still felt completly alone.

    They had to monitor me every 4 hours, checking blood preasure, urine sample, tempurature and checking spud's heartbeat. So I got zero sleep- I was so concious that my snoring would wake the other women up!!!

    The second day my blood preasure rised to 160/90 which apparently is very high, so I was in for another night :nope: I just wanted to go home.
    I was put on a CTG monitor to check how spud was doing the next morning and I'd had cramps all through the night and like a bruised feeling lower down, the midwife came and checked to monitor after 20 minutes and told me the baby was showing contractions!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEKKKK!
    I said "Well im not having the baby now!"
    She just laughed at me and said not to worry it was nothing serious......:shrug:

    So I am now home- thank god- my blood preasure was still slightly high apparently but my bloods shows no pre-eclampsia :happydance:

    Had a really good nights sleep, kept hubby up with my snoring apparently :blush: but woke up full of energy. I've now cleaned the house top to bottom and sitting with a nice cuppa.
    I still feel quite sore, especially down below- my bum and in between my legs feel bruised, my belly feels heavy and I have been having the cramps again but I'm not worried...should I be?

    Hope everyone on here is doing well :kiss:
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    Glad that you are ok and you managed to get some better sleep at home - its impossible in the hospital isn't it! I had to spend the night a couple of weeks ago and even though I wasn't being monitored as regularly they still did their first set of observations at 6 in morning and on those beds I struggled to sleep more than a couple of hours at a time!

    I'm sure if there was anything for you to worry about they wouldn't have sent you home, put your feet up and relax!! :hugs:

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