Hoping for BFP at end of Sept ‘19

Discussion in 'Trying To Conceive' started by Thefound3, Sep 21, 2019.

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    Sep 21, 2019
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    Hello everyone! This is my husbands and my second month of trying for #2. Our daughter is 8, my husband is our daughters father, but not biological. This is my first month testing with ovulation strips. I got a positive OPK on the evening of 9/13, we BD that night, got a big peak that next morning 9/14 BD that morning and late that evening as well. It looked to my like the LH hormones started to decrease which meant I possibly ovulated evening of 9/14 or on 9/15. On 9/18 in the morning while I was getting ready I had this intense shooting pain that started in my uterus and went to my cervix. I had slight cramping later but nothing intense while I was going on my daily walk and have had a little been here and there since. I seriously thought I was going to start my period this morning because I had a bit of cramping before I got out of bed like I do right before I start. I’ve been increasingly hungry, bloated, tingling in my breasts, and I woke up starving even though I had a late night show down with my hubby. While I was laying in bed I felt this wave of nausea come over me and so I rolled over, drank some water and felt better. While having my morning coffee another fit of nausea hit me and stayed for quite some time. I went ahead and ate and it stuck around for a bit longer. I’m trying not to get my hopes up. Is it possible I’m experience early pregnancy signs? I’m due to start in 7 days, 9/28. Has anyone else experienced these symptoms and have gotten a BFP? Whom else is hoping for a BFP at the end of September or early October?!
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    Fingers crossed for you TheFound3 - sounds positive so far, let us know if that BFP shows!
    I'm just starting the 2ww myself :/
  4. SophBabes

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    good luck :)

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