How are your twins?

Discussion in 'Twins, Triplets & Multiples' started by mom2pne, Feb 9, 2021.

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    My twins are getting older. They turn 15 in less than 2 months. That means later this year they will be able to take driver’s Ed and start learning to drive. They also will be Sophomores in high school. They however have been doing virtual learning and so have not been at the high school yet so they may start having anxiety when they will be back in a school setting. I am sure that they will not be alone as many kids have been doing virtual learning due to families not wanting to have their kids exposed to COVID.

    They are almost 6 feet tall. They will be taller than my husband and my oldest son very soon.

    They like to play Fortnite.
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    I only saw this now! How nice!

    My twins are going to be 9 end of March and they are both well. They loved staying home during this lockdown but Sebby is looking forward to going back to school on the 8th and seeing all his friends - and chewing off the ears of all the staff there lol
    I loved having them home sooo much but I am also looking forward to a return to some sort of normalcy.
    I think what they will miss most though is playing xbox every day cause when they go to school they are only allowed to play on weekends. Dominic is massively in to FIFA and PvZ and Sebby likes Minecraft and Roblox. :)
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    <3 <3
    My twin boys are 3 and insane, hysterical, at the point where we are having full conversations, they make jokes and are singing along to songs WE listen to, singing their own songs and changing the lyrics and really just surprising us around every turn. It's so fun but along with all of it comes stronger emotions and frustrations so we're working through those too.
    So thankful we didn't have to navigate remote learning or whatnot. We had them home for 3 months last year during full lockdown while we both worked full time and it was nuts. I'm so thankful for their daycare, who has gone above and beyond the CDC guidelines for staying safe and keeping clean.

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