How did you cope when your child left infants school for juniors?

Discussion in 'Kids & Teenagers' started by MrsN, Mar 31, 2011.

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    Hi Ladies,

    I'm just wondering what your experiences were when your child/ren left infants school to join the juniors?

    My DD1 is due to leave her infants school in July, ready to start juniors in September and I'm getting myself in a right state over it already :dohh:

    She is quite shy and sensitive and Im really worried that she will struggle to fit in and adapt to being the youngest in a school again.

    She knows she will soon be leaving her current school and is very sad about this, we frequently have tears when she talks about it.

    She has come on leaps and bounds in the 3 years shes been there so Im also worried that all this good work will be undone when she moves on.

    Not many of her friends will be going to the same junior school as she will and Im terrified she wont fit in and make new friends very easily.

    How did your children find the transition? DH says shes tougher than I think and im more worried about it that she is, but I just cant help feeling a bit sad about it all :cry:

    Any experiences grateful :flower:
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    i was the same i cried my eyes out (she was fine) my dd will be starting high school in sept and im worried sick, its completely normal and im sure it will be the same when they go to college x
  3. N1kki

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    you will feel bit more emotional their growing up so fast these son is going to primary school in september and im hoping he settles.
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    We actually moved the last trimester of my Step Daughters 7th grade year... she had JUST started middle school that year (moving up from grade school K-6th). So it was a very hard and "traumatic" time for her... however, she adjusted very well. I knew she would, honestly... but she is a very outgoing and self assured girl. Much more so than I was at her age... our move ended up being a great thing for her. And she adjusted to middle school so well overall... but she moves to High School this fall, and I'm a bit nervous for that now!! lol. I think I'm more nervous than she is... well, feels that way right now! I'm just so NOT ready for it... but, I know she is and she'll do just fine.

    I know, as a parent, you want to protect your children as much as possible... but, this is just part of life. And a part, that actually, they need to learn to adjust to. Nothing stays the same... life changes... and grows and us with it... and so will she. She may have a bit of a hard time, at first, but I bet in time she will adjust and make new (maybe even closer) friends-- and learn to love all the new things about her school. That doesn't mean she's not gonna miss what she knows... change isn't ever easy, but she'll adapt just fine I'm sure :)

    If there are any struggles- just make sure you've available to chat and have an open discussion with her about it all. That can really help.

    Best of luck to her!!!

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